Bảng mã lỗi / cảnh báo lỗi của biến tần Danfoss VLT FC 301 và 302

Note: Trích từ "Tài liệu Hướng dẫn sử dụng biến tần VLT FC 301/302 của hãng (Danfoss) "

WARNING/ALARM 3, No motor No motor is connected to the output of the frequency converter.

WARNING/ALARM 4, Mains phase loss A phase is missing on the supply side, or the mains voltage imbalance is too high.

WARNING 5, DC link voltage high The DC-link voltage is higher than the high-voltage warning limit. The limit depends on the frequency converter voltage rating. The unit is still active.

WARNING 6, DC link voltage low The DC-link voltage is lower than the low-voltage warning limit. The limit depends on the frequency converter voltage rating. The unit is still active.

WARNING/ALARM 7, DC overvoltage If the DC-link voltage exceeds the limit, the frequency converter trips after some time.

WARNING/ALARM 8, DC under voltage If the DC-link voltage drops below the undervoltage limit, the frequency converter checks if a 24 V DC back-up supply is connected.

WARNING/ALARM 9, Inverter overload The frequency converter has run with more than 100% overload for too long and is about to cut out.

WARNING/ALARM 10, Motor overload temperature According to the electronic thermal protection (ETR), the motor is too hot.

WARNING/ALARM 11, Motor thermistor overtemp Check whether the thermistor is disconnected.

WARNING/ALARM 12, Torque limit The torque has exceeded the value in parameter 4-16 Torque Limit Motor  Mode or the value in parameter 4-17 Torque Limit Generator Mode.

WARNING/ALARM 13, Over current The inverter peak current limit (approximately 200% of the rated current) is exceeded.

ALARM 14, Earth (ground) fault There is current from the output phase-to-ground, either in the cable between the frequency converter and the motor, or in the motor itself.

ALARM 15, Hardware mismatch A fitted option is not operational with the present control card hardware or software. 
ALARM 16, Short circuit There is short-circuiting in the motor or motor wiring.

WARNING/ALARM 17, Control word timeout There is no communication to the frequency converter.

WARNING/ALARM 20, Temp. input error The temperature sensor is not connected.

WARNING/ALARM 21, Parameter error The parameter is out of range. The parameter number is shown in the display.

WARNING/ALARM 22, Hoist mechanical brake The value of this warning/alarm shows the type of warning/alarm.

WARNING 23, Internal fan fault The fan warning function is a protective function that checks if the fan is running/mounted.

WARNING 24, External fan fault The fan warning function is a protective function that checks if the fan is running/mounted.

WARNING 25, Brake resistor short circuit The brake resistor is monitored during operation.

WARNING/ALARM 26, Brake resistor power limit The power transmitted to the brake resistor is calculated as an average value over the last 120 s of run-time.

WARNING/ALARM 27, Brake chopper fault The brake transistor is monitored during operation, and if a short circuit occurs, the brake function is disabled, and a warning is issued.

WARNING/ALARM 28, Brake check failed The brake resistor is not connected or not working.

ALARM 29, Heat sink temp The maximum temperature of the heat sink is exceeded. ALARM 30, Motor phase U missing Motor phase U between the frequency converter and the motor is missing.

ALARM 31, Motor phase V missing Motor phase V between the frequency converter and the motor is missing.

ALARM 32, Motor phase W missing Motor phase W between the frequency converter and the motor is missing.

ALARM 33, Inrush fault Too many power-ups have occurred within a short time period.

WARNING/ALARM 34, Fieldbus communication fault The fieldbus on the communication option card is not working.

WARNING/ALARM 35, Option fault An option alarm is received. The alarm is option-specific. The most likely cause is a power-up or a communication fault.

WARNING/ALARM 36, Mains failure This warning/alarm is only active if the supply voltage to the frequency converter is lost and parameter 14-10 Mains Failure is NOT set to [0] No Function. Check the fuses to the frequency converter and mains power supply to the unit.

ALARM 37, Phase imbalance There is a current imbalance between the power units.

ALARM 38, Internal fault When an internal fault occurs, a code number defined in Table 7.1 is shown.

ALARM 39, Heat sink sensor No feedback from the heat sink temperature sensor. The signal from the IGBT thermal sensor is not available on the power card. The problem could be on the power card, on the gatedrive card, or the ribbon cable between the power card and gatedrive card.

WARNING 40, Overload of digital output terminal 27 Check the load connected to terminal 27 or remove the short-circuit connection. Check parameter 5-00 Digital I/O Mode and parameter 5-01 Terminal 27 Mode.

WARNING 41, Overload of digital output terminal 29 Check the load connected to terminal 29 or remove the short-circuit connection. Also check parameter 5-00 Digital I/O Mode and parameter 5-02 Terminal 29 Mode.

WARNING 42, Overload of digital output on X30/6 or overload of digital output on X30/7 For terminal X30/6, check the load connected to terminal X30/6 or remove the short-circuit connection.

ALARM 43, Ext. supply VLT® Extended Relay Option MCB 113 is mounted without external 24 V DC.

ALARM 45, Earth fault 2 Ground fault.

ALARM 46, Power card supply The supply on the power card is out of range. Another reason can be a defective heat sink fan.

WARNING 47, 24 V supply low The supply on the power card is out of range.

WARNING 49, Speed limit The warning is shown when the speed is outside of the specified range in parameter 4-11 Motor Speed Low Limit [RPM] and parameter 4-13 Motor Speed High Limit [RPM]. When the speed is below the specified limit in parameter 1-86 Trip Speed Low [RPM] (except when starting or stopping), the frequency converter trips.

ALARM 50, AMA calibration failed Contact the Danfoss supplier or Danfoss Service Department.

ALARM 51, AMA check Unom and Inom The settings for motor voltage, motor current, and motor power are wrong.

ALARM 52, AMA low Inom The motor current is too low.

ALARM 53, AMA motor too big The motor is too large for the AMA to operate.

ALARM 54, AMA motor too small The motor is too small for the AMA to operate.

ALARM 55, AMA parameter out of range The AMA cannot run because the parameter values of the motor are outside of the acceptable range.

ALARM 56, AMA interrupted by user The AMA is manually interrupted.

ALARM 57, AMA internal fault Try to restart the AMA. Repeated restarts can overheat the motor.

ALARM 58, AMA Internal fault Contact the Danfoss supplier.

WARNING 59, Current limit The current is higher than the value in parameter 4-18 Current Limit. Ensure that the motor data in parameters 1-20 to 1-25 is set correctly. Increase the current limit if necessary. Ensure that the system can operate safely at a higher limit.

WARNING 60, External interlock A digital input signal indicates a fault condition external to the frequency converter.

WARNING/ALARM 61, Feedback error An error between calculated speed and speed measurement from feedback device.

WARNING 62, Output frequency at maximum limit If the output frequency reaches the value set in parameter 4-19 Max Output Frequency, the frequency converter issues a warning.

ALARM 63, Mechanical brake low The actual motor current has not exceeded the release brake current within the start delay time window.

WARNING 64, Voltage Limit The load and speed combination demands a motor voltage higher than the actual DC-link voltage.

WARNING/ALARM 65, Control card over temperature The cutout temperature of the control card is 85 °C (185 °F). 
WARNING 66, Heat sink temperature low The frequency converter is too cold to operate. This warning is based on the temperature sensor in the IGBT module. Increase the ambient temperature of the unit.

ALARM 67, Option module configuration has changed One or more options have either been added or removed since the last power-down. Check that the configuration change is intentional and reset the unit.

ALARM 68, Safe Stop activated Safe Torque Off (STO) has been activated. To resume normal operation, apply 24 V DC to terminal 37, then send a reset signal (via bus, digital I/O, or by pressing [Reset]).

ALARM 69, Power card temperature The temperature sensor on the power card is either too hot or too cold.

ALARM 70, Illegal FC configuration The control card and power card are incompatible. To check compatibility, contact the Danfoss supplier with the type code from the unit nameplate and the part numbers of the cards.

ALARM 71, PTC 1 safe stop STO has been activated from the VLT® PTC Thermistor Card MCB 112 (motor too warm).

ALARM 72, Dangerous failure STO with trip lock. An unexpected combination of STO commands has occurred.

WARNING 73, Safe Stop auto restart STO activated. With automatic restart enabled, the motor can start when the fault is cleared.

ALARM 74, PTC Thermistor Alarm related to VLT® PTC Thermistor Card MCB 112. The PTC is not working.

ALARM 75, Illegal profile sel. Do not write the parameter value while the motor is running. Stop the motor before writing the MCO profile to parameter 8-10 Control Word Profile.

WARNING 77, Reduced power mode The frequency converter is operating in reduced power mode (less than the allowed number of inverter sections).

ALARM 78, Tracking error The difference between setpoint value and actual value exceeds the value in parameter 4-35 Tracking Error.

ALARM 79, Illegal power section configuration The scaling card has an incorrect part number or is not installed. The MK102 connector on the power card could not be installed.

ALARM 80, Drive initialised to default value Parameter settings are initialized to default settings after a manual reset. To clear the alarm, reset the unit.

ALARM 81, CSIV corrupt CSIV file has syntax errors.

ALARM 82, CSIV parameter error CSIV failed to initialize a parameter.

ALARM 83, Illegal option combination The mounted options are incompatible.

ALARM 84, No safety option The safety option was removed without applying a general reset. Reconnect the safety option.

ALARM 88, Option detection A change in the option layout is detected. Parameter 14-89 Option Detection is set to [0] Frozen configuration and the option layout has been changed.

WARNING 89, Mechanical brake sliding The hoist brake monitor detects a motor speed exceeding 10 RPM.

ALARM 90, Feedback monitor Check the connection to encoder/resolver option and, if necessary, replace VLT® Encoder Input MCB 102 or VLT® Resolver Input MCB 103.

ALARM 91, Analog input 54 wrong settings Set switch S202 in position OFF (voltage input) when a KTY sensor is connected to analog input terminal 54 .

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