IFM AC2610/ AC2611 - Bộ điều khiển trạm truyền thông mạng AS-i

 Product characteristics
Active AS-i module
Mounting on DIN rail and panel
Screw terminal
String mounting possible
Analogue output
 Electrical data
Electrical design1 output
Operating voltage [V]26.5...31.6 DC
Current consumption [mA]< 180
Voltage range [V]24 DC ± 20 %
Max. current load per output [mA]10
Resolution [Bit]
Ambient temperature [°C]0...70
ProtectionIP 20
 Tests / approvals
EMCEN 50295
 AS-i classification
AS-i profileS-7.1
I/O configuration [hex]7
ID code [Hex]1
AS-i certificatein preparation
Parameter bits
Parameter bit  Function
P0measuring method: voltage (0...10 V)* / current (0/4...20 mA)
P1measuring range: 0...20 mA* or 0...10 V (0...7FFF Hex) / 4...20 mA or 0...10 V (0...2710 Hex)
P2ramp function: off*/on
P3data transmission: single transmission* / double transmission
 Mechanical data
Housing materialsPA; PVC
Weight [kg]0.149
 Displays / operating elements
Operation LED2 x green; 2 x red
 Electrical connection
Connection14 screw terminals
A+: AS-i +
A-: AS-i -
G: Ground (ground)
O+: Actuator supply +24V
O-: Actuator supply 0V
V: analogue output Voltage
C: analogue output Current
COM: analogue output 0V
Accessories (option): LCD display E70127 to be inserted into the modul
*) default
Pack quantity [piece]1
 Other data
Max. load resistancevoltage: > 10 kΩ
current: < 500 Ω
D/A conversionaccuracy: < 0.1 % of the final value of the measuring range
conversion time: 28 ms
automatic calibration by parameter call
Actuator supplyAS-i/external

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