Beckhoff KL5001 | Bus Terminal, 1-channel encoder interface, SSI

Tổng quan về Bekhoff KL5001,

The KL5001 Bus Terminal is an SSI master and enables the direct connection of an absolute encoder with SSI (synchronous serial interface). Both singleturn and multiturn encoders are supported. The 24 V supply of the encoder can be provided directly via the connection points of the terminal. The KL9505 power supply terminal can be used for an optional 5 V encoder operating voltage.

Different operating modes, transmission frequencies and bit widths can be permanently set via control registers. Extensive parameterization allows optimum adaptation to different encoder types.

Đặt hàng:
Thương hiệu: Beckhoff
Mã đặt hàng: KL5001
Chủng loại: Mô-đun đọc encoder

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