Máy tính công nghiệp IPC 2001 hãng B&R Industrial Automation GmbH

Mã thiết bị: 5C2001.07

Thông số kỹ thuật của B&R IPC 2001:
Provit 2000 Controller Processor 80486DX5-133 MHz, 8 MB DRAM, 256 kB SRAM, 20 GB HD, 4 serial and 1 parallel interface, PC Card Slot, Dallas Hardware Security Key, fan. Connection for CAN Bus, Arcnet, Ethernet, flat display, monitor, PS/2 AT keyboard, Panelware keypad modules and external FDD. 24 VDC supply voltage. Remark: The use of an IPC with Silicon Disk is necessary in environments with vibration and shock.

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