Trạm Profibus I/O WAGO 750-333

Item no. 750-333

Fieldbus Coupler PROFIBUS DP; 2nd Generation; 12 MBd; light gray

The 750-333 Fieldbus Coupler maps the peripheral data of all the WAGO I/O System's I/O modules on PROFIBUS DP.

When initializing, the coupler determines the node's module structure and creates the process image of all inputs and outputs. Modules with a bit width smaller than eight are grouped in one byte for address space optimization.

It is furthermore possible to deactivate I/O modules and to modify the image of the node according to the connected signals without having to modify the existing control application.

The diagnostic concept is based on ID- and channel-related diagnostics according to EN 50170. This does away with the need for programming modules to evaluate manufacturer-specific diagnostic data.

Coupler/ Mô-đun Wago hệ thống 750:

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