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Thông số kỹ thuật của bộ điều khiển PacDrive Controller C200/ C200 A2:
Type key C200 up to 8 SERCOS
(SERCOS node= MC-4,SCL,
PacDrive C200 / 10 / 1 / 1 / 1 / 00
Type key C200 up to 2 SERCOS
PacDrive C200 / A2 / 1 / 1 / 1 / 00
Order number C200 up to 8 SERCOS slaves: 13 13 02 60
C200 up to 2 SERCOS slaves: 13 13 02 60-001
RAM 128 MB
L2 Cache -
NVRAM 128 kB
CompactFlashTM card ≥128 MB
Real time clock (RTC) Yes (battery maintenance interval: 5 years)
Watchdog Yes (max. 60 V < 2 A)
Diagnosis Alphanumeric diagnosis display
Status LEDs
Operating system Real-time operating system VxWorks
languages IEC
Instruction list (IL)
Ladder diagram (LD)
Function block diagram (FBD)
Sequential function chart (SFC)
Structured text (ST)
Continuous function chart (CFC)
Serial interfaces: COM1: RS232 (X1)
COM2: RS485 (X2)
Network connection Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) (X3)
Field bus connection PROFIBUS DP Master/Slave (12 MBaud) (X9) or
CAN (2.0A) or CANopen (X10)
Real-time bus interface SERCOS interface (16 MBaud) (X6, X7)
PacNet interface 1 PacNet interface (X5
Master encoder interface 1 SinCos master encoder or
1 incremental master encoder (X11)
HMI interface RS485 (Modbus or PROFIBUS DP)
HMI software tools: OPC server (for Windows NT/2000/XP or
Windows CE)
Diagnostic interface for remote
Communications protocols Http
SMTP (E-Mail)
Integrated trace recorder (soft‐
ware oscilloscope)
8 channels, resolution 1 ms
Integrated data logger for diag‐
nostic messages
27 kB
Actuator power C200: 4 servo axes: SERCOS cycle time 2 ms
C200: 8 servo axes: SERCOS cycle time 4 ms
C200 / A2: 2 servo axes: SERCOS cycle time 2 ms
C200 / A2: 2 servo axes: SERCOS cycle time 4 ms
Max. of 255 parallel motion profiles possible
SPS output
Time for 1000 Bit instructions 90 µs
Number of PLC processes Unlimited
Type of PLC processes Continuous
Cycle time fast task 1 ms
nominal I/O response time: 2 ms (read in data, process, set output)
Cam Switch
Number of cams Max. 256
Sequential circuit Dynamic
Outputs Memory or digital outputs
Inputs External master encoder
Virtual master encoder
Axis position
Processing time 1 ms
Digital inputs None
Analog inputs None
Interrupt inputs None
Touchprobe inputs
Number 6 (IEC61131-2)
Range UIN 0 Voltage DC 0 ... 6 V
Range UIN 1 Voltage DC 20 ... 33 V
Input data IIN = 5 mA at UIN = 24 V
Polarized Yes
Input filter TP0 to TP15 100 µs resolution
10 µs at a cycle time of 1, 2, 4 ms
Digital outputs None
Analog outputs None
Additional digital and
analog I/Os
Via field bus Max. 3,584 bytes digital/analog inputs and
Max. 3,584 bytes digital/analog outputs
Max. number of stations: 126 (PROFIBUS)
Additional fast digital
Via PacNet Max. 64 inputs and 64 outputs
Additional Touchp‐
robe inputs
Via PacNet Max. 16 Touchprobe inputs
Power supply unit DC 24 V (-15% / +25%) / max. 0.5 A (without master encoder)
Power consumption Max. 12 W
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Dimensions Dimensions packaging DxWxH (mm): 300x90x400
Weight Weight (with packaging) 1.7 kg (2.3 kg)
Protection class Housing IP 20
Isolation class Degree of pollution 2
Table 2-3: Technical data PacDrive C200 Controll

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