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Thông số kỹ thuật của bộ điều khiển PacDrive  SH:
The AC Servo Motors of the SH series meet the highest demands on dynamics and precision. Five flange sizes with different grades of torque offer the right drive solution for virtually any application. New winding technology with single tooth winding enables compact sizes and reduces production costs compared to traditional motors.
Due to its low moment of inertia compared to other AC Servo Motors, and in conjunction with the high overload capability, the SH-Motor meets all requirements in terms of accuracy, dynamics and profitability.
SH Motors are compatible with SM Motors and are available in five different flange
• SH-055
• SH-070
• SH-100
• SH-140
• SH-205
Brief summary of technical data:
• Developed for the highest dynamics and precision
• Single tooth winding
• Compact size
• High power density
• Low internal moment of inertia
• High overload capability
• High resistance to winding damages
• Low detent torque

Mã đặt hàng:
  • PacDrive SH-055-Motor (self-cooled)
  • PacDrive SH-070-Motor (self-cooled)
  • PacDrive SH-100-Motor (self-cooled)
  • PacDrive SH-100-Motor (force-ventilated)
  • PacDrive SH-140-Motor (self-cooled)
  • PacDrive SH-140-Motor (force-ventilated)
  • PacDrive SH-205-Motor (self-cooled)
  • PacDrive SH-205-Motor (force-ventilated)
  • SH-055
  • SH-070
  • SH-100
  • SH-140 
  • SH-205

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PacDrive system | www.vietmatic.com

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