750-354 | Fieldbus Coupler EtherCAT

The EtherCAT® Fieldbus Coupler connects EtherCAT® to the modular WAGO I/O System.

The fieldbus coupler detects all connected I/O modules and creates a local process image. This process image may include a mixed arrangement of analog (word-by-word data transfer) and digital (bit-by-bit data transfer) modules.

The upper EtherCAT® interface connects the coupler to the network. The lower RJ-45 socket may connect additional EtherCAT® devices to the same line.

EtherCAT®* (Ethernet Control Automation Technology) is a real-time ETHERNET solution designed for industrial automation applications and characterized by high performance, flexible topology and simple configuration. With EtherCAT®, the costly ETHERNET star topology can be replaced with a simple line or tree structure.

Coupler/ Mô-đun Wago hệ thống 750:

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