750-494 | 3-Phase Power Measurement; 480 VAC, 1 A

The 750-494 3-Phase Power Measurement Module measures electrical data in a three-phase supply network.

The voltage is measured via network connection to clamping points L1, L2, L3 and N.

The current of the three phases is fed to IL1, IL2, IL3, and IN via current transformers.

The 3-phase power measurement module transmits all metrics (e.g., reactive/apparent/effective power, energy consumption, power factor, phase angle, frequency, over-/undervoltage) directly to the process image, without requiring high computing power from the controller. Both comprehensive metrics and harmonic analysis up to the 41st harmonic permit extensive network analysis via the fieldbus. These metrics enable the operator to optimize supply to a drive or machine, protecting the system from damage and failure. The four-quadrant display indicates the load type (inductive, capacitive) and whether it is an energy consumer or producer.

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