BK5151 | CANopen “Compact” Bus Coupler

Tính năng của Beckhoff BK5151:

The “Compact” Bus Coupler BK5151 for CANopen extends the Beckhoff Bus Terminal system by a cost-optimized version in a compact housing. Up to 64 Bus Terminals are supported; with the terminal bus extension, up to 255 Bus Terminals can be connected. The CANopen Bus Coupler offers automatic baud rate detection up to 1 Mbaud and two address selection switches for address assignment. A 9-pin D-sub connector for the fieldbus connection is included in the scope of supply. Optionally, the ZS1052-3000 connector with integrated terminating resistor can be connected.

Một số Coupler I-O khác cũng từ thương hiệu Beckhoff:

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