BK3520 | PROFIBUS “Economy plus” Bus Coupler, fibre optic

Thông tin cơ bản về Beckhoff BK3520:

The BK3520 “Economy plus” Bus Coupler links a fiber optic PROFIBUS system to the modular, extendable electronic Bus Terminal system. With the K-bus extension technology up to 255 spatially distributed Bus Terminals can be connected to one Bus Coupler.

The particular feature for the BK3520 Bus Coupler is its fiber optic connection and its high transmission rate of up to 12 Mbaud. The fiber optic link guarantees that the transmission is free from electromagnetic interference and provides full electrical isolation.

An interface-module is necessary to translate between the physical properties of RS485 to those of an underlying optical fiber ring. The topology corresponds with the RS485 physics (line topology). For this reason, the BK3520 possesses two transmitters and two receivers. The address is set by the address selection switch. The baud rate is automatically recognized. Baud rates of up to 12 Mbaud are supported, so that the transmission speed can be adapted to meet the needs of the particular technical process.

The “Economy plus” Bus Coupler has been designed to accommodate automation requirements. PROFIBUS protocols omit FMS operation in order to be able to transfer more user data in DP mode. The BK3520 incorporates the PROFIBUS DP V1 services.

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