BK8100 | RS485/RS232 Bus Couplers

Beckhoff BK8100 làm được những gì ?

The BK8100 Bus Coupler usess the physics of the RS232C (V.24) specification for data transmission. Application of the Bus Coupler with a serial interface is suited to those cases in which the use of a fieldbus system can be omitted. The RS232 interface can be used by any automation device with the corresponding interface to gain access to the Bus Coupler. Data exchange is made via an open, documented protocol.

Another mode of operation is for the Bus Coupler to function in master/slave mode as a fieldbus multiplexer. The input data from one device are copied directly to the outputs of the other, without the aid of an additional master – and vice versa.

The BK8100 Bus Coupler has an RS232C interface, and has been designed particularly for peer-to-peer connection.

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